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Download materials for art v1_10_00a and dependencies

Release notes.

  • Art suite release v1_10_00a notes.
  • The distrubtion uses individual package tarballs instead of tarballs containing several packages
  • There is no ds50daq release corresponding to art v1_10_00a as it has not been requested.
  • There is no longer a mu2e-qualified art_suite or ROOT: the vanilla variant of ROOT now satisfies Mu2e's requirements.
  • There is no daq_extras / artdaq distribution for Mac OS X due to the lack of requests for same.
  • The source for packages obtained from the FNAL Redmine repository (cpp0x, cetlib>, fhicl-cpp, messagefacility, art, etc.) are no longer provided with the source tarballs, but are downloaded on-demand from the repository by build-FW-v1_10_00a. For details on obtaining tagged sources for these packages independently, please read the documentation for git_archive.cgi.

Download Prebuilt Binaries

  • pullProducts-v1_10_00a
    • Will pull all products listed in the bundle manifest.
    • Supported bundles: artdev, mu2e, nu
    • USAGE:
      • Download the script.
      • chmod +x pullProducts-v1_10_00a
        ./pullProducts-v1_10_00a <product-directory> <slf5|slf6|d12|d13> <bundle>
        <e5> <debug|opt|prof>
      • For instance:
        ./pullProducts-v1_10_00a <product-directory> slf5 nu e5 prof
  • We recommend downloading the prebuilt binaries whenever possible.

Building from Source

  • checkPrerequisites-v1_10_00a
    • Will examine the system for the presence of known OS-level prerequisites (on RedHat derivatives, these will be RPMs) and list any deficiencies with remediation instructions. The script does not require admin privilege to run, but it is likely that any remediation will.
    • USAGE:
      • Download the script.
      • chmod +x checkPrerequisites-v1_10_00a
  • pullProducts-v1_10_00a
    • Will pull and expand source code tarballs preparatory to a build.
    • This is the same script used to pull the binary distributions.
    • USAGE:
      • Download the script.
      • chmod +x pullProducts-v1_10_00a
        ./pullProducts-v1_10_00a <product-directory> source  <bundle>
  • buildFW-v1_10_00a
    • Build all packages from source (as downloaded using the script above). Will obtain other source (cpp0x, art, etc.) direct from the FNAL Redmine repository as required.
    • pullProducts-v1_10_00a downloads buildFW-v1_10_00a for you
    • USAGE:
      • ./buildFW-v1_10_00a [-ft] <product-directory> <debug|prof|opt> <artdev|mu2e|nu>
      • -t: produce tar files.
      • -f: re-build already-built packages.


The following products are part of the art suite:
   cetpkgsupport   v1_06_01
   cetbuildtools   v3_10_01 v3_11_00 v3_12_00
   cpp0x           v1_04_04  e5
   cetlib          v1_06_01  e5
   fhiclcpp        v2_19_04  e5
   messagefacility v1_11_08  e5
   art             v1_10_00a e5[:nu]
The following products are part of the basic artdev bundle
     ups             v5_1_2
     upd             v5_0_1
     cmake           v2_8_12_2
     gcc             v4_8_2
     boost           v1_55_0		e5
     clhep           v2_1_4_1		e5
     cppunit         v1_12_1		e5
     fftw            v3_3_3		e5
     gccxml          v0_9_20131217	e5
     libxml2         v2_9_1		e5
     python          v2_7_6
     sqlite          v3_08_03_00
     tbb             v4_2_3		e5
     root            v5_34_18a		e5
The following products are in BOTH mu2e and nu bundles:
     g4abla        v3_0
     g4emlow       v6_32
     g4neutron     v4_2
     g4neutronxs   v1_2
     g4photon      v3_0
     g4pii         v1_3
     g4radiative   v4_0
     g4surface     v1_0
     geant4        v4_9_6_p03b	e5
     xerces_c      v3_1_1a	e5
     cry           v1_7a	e5
The following products are also in the optional mu2e bundle:
     heppdt        v3_04_01a	e5
     scons         v2_3_1	e5
The following products are also in the optional nu bundle:
     cstxsd        v3_3_0_p02b	
     genie         v2_8_0f	e5
     gsl           v1_16
     lhapdf        v5_9_1	e5
     log4cpp       v1_1_1	e5
     mysql_client  v5_5_36	e5
     postgresql    v9_1_12	e5
     pythia        v6_4_28a	e5
     root          v5_34_18a	nu:e5

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