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Download materials for larsoftobj v1_35_00 and dependencies

Release notes.

Download scripts for binary distributions.

  • pullProducts
    • Will pull all products listed in the bundle manifest.
    • This script will first check to see if a package is installed and will download the product only if not installed.
    • USAGE:
      • Download the script.
      • chmod +x pullProducts
      • Scientific Linux 6.x:
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> slf6 larsoftobj-v1_35_00 e14 <prof|debug>
      • Scientific Linux 7.x:
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> slf7 larsoftobj-v1_35_00 e14 <prof|debug>
      • Ubuntu LTS 16:
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> u16 larsoftobj-v1_35_00 e14 <prof|debug>
      • El Capitan (SIP disabled):
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> d15 larsoftobj-v1_35_00 e14 <prof|debug>
      • Sierra (SIP disabled):
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> d16 larsoftobj-v1_35_00 e14 <prof|debug>
  • See About Qualifiers for qualifier descriptions.
  • We recommend downloading the prebuilt binaries whenever possible.


The following products are part of the larsoftobj suite. Note that gallery is provided as a convenience to the user and is part of the larsoftobj umbrella.
   canvas v3_00_03 e14:nu
   nusimdata v1_08_04 e14
   larcoreobj v1_18_01 e14
   larcorealg v1_14_00 e14
   lardataobj v1_25_00 e14
   gallery v1_05_03 e14:nu
   larsoftobj v1_35_00 e14
   mrb v1_12_00  

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