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Download materials for larsoftobj v1_08_01 and dependencies

Release notes.

Download scripts for binary distributions.

  • pullProducts
    • Will pull all products listed in the bundle manifest.
    • This script will first check to see if a package is installed and will download the product only if not installed.
    • USAGE:
      • Download the script.
      • chmod +x pullProducts
      • Scientific Linux 6.x:
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> slf6 larsoftobj-v1_08_01 e10 <prof|debug>
      • Scientific Linux 7.x:
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> slf7 larsoftobj-v1_08_01 e10 <prof|debug>
      • Ubuntu 14:
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> u14 larsoftobj-v1_08_01 e10 <prof|debug>
      • Yosemite:
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> d14 larsoftobj-v1_08_01 e10 <prof|debug>
      • El Capitan (SIP disabled):
        ./pullProducts <product-directory> d15 larsoftobj-v1_08_01 e10 <prof|debug>
  • See About Qualifiers for qualifier descriptions.
  • We recommend downloading the prebuilt binaries whenever possible.

Source code distributions.

  • checkPrerequisites
    • Will examine the system for the presence of known OS-level prerequisites (on RedHat derivatives, these will be RPMs) and list any deficiencies with remediation instructions. The script does not require admin privilege to run, but it is likely that any remediation will.
    • USAGE:
      • Download the script.
      • chmod +x checkPrerequisites
  • pullProducts
    • Will pull and expand source code tarballs and the build script preparatory to a build.
    • Note that there are no source code tarballs for art or larsoft. Instead, the build script pulls the art source code directly from the repository.
    • USAGE:
      • Download the script.
      • chmod +x pullProducts
        ./pullProducts <product_topdir> source larsoft-v06_12_00
  • buildFW
    • Build all packages from source.
    • BuildFW uses buildcfg scriptlets which are downloaded as needed from scisoft
    • BuildFW will pull source living in Fermi redmine (cpp0x, art, etc.) direct from the repository.
    • USAGE:
      • ./buildFW [-ft] -b e10 -s s44 <product-directory> <debug|prof|opt> larsoftobj-v1_08_01
      • See buildFW -h for more info.


The following products are part of the larsoftobj suite. Note that gallery is provided as a convenience to the user and is part of the larsoftobj umbrella.
   canvas v1_05_01 e10:nu
   nusimdata v1_06_01 e10
   larcoreobj v1_06_01 e10
   lardataobj v1_07_02 e10
   gallery v1_03_08 e10:nu
   larsoftobj v1_08_01 e10
   git v2_10_0  
   gitflow v1_10_1  
   mrb v1_08_03  

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