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Download materials for hep_hpc_toolkit v0_13_03_01 and dependencies

Supported values of <basequal> mentioned below are: Not all values of <basequal> are supported on all platforms.

Download scripts for binary distributions.

Source code distributions.


The following products are part of the full hep_hpc_toolkit suite:
   ups v6_0_8
   cmake v3_17_3 v3_18_2
   Compilers [see qualifier descriptions]
   sqlite v3_26_00_00
   python v3_7_2
   catch v2_12_2
   lapack v3_8_0c
   pybind11 v2_5_0a
   numpy v1_15_4b
   mpich v3_3_2a
   openmpi v4_0_4
   mpi4py v3_0_3a
   hdf5 v1_12_0b
   h5py v3_1_0a
   hep_hpc v0_13_03
   hep_hpc_toolkit v0_13_03_01

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