Scientific Software for Relocatable UPS

Here you will find the relocatable ups distributions of software used by LArSoft, Muon g-2, Mu2e, NOvA, and other experiments and projects.

Distribution List

Package List

Getting Help:

  • Requests for new versions of existing packages should be made through the redmine SciSoft issues tracker
  • Bug reports for experiments or projects should be made via the redmine site for that experiment or project.
  • Please use SciSoft at Service Now to submit a "request to service providers" if you wish to do the following:
    • request space on SciSoft for a new experiment or project
    • add or remove people from a permission list
    • add the build of a new package to SciSoft for an existing experiment or project
  • User instructions for uploading packages and distribution bundles are on redmine.
  • All other questions may be directed to